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High electricity bills? Does your computer consumes more power than it should do? If yes then you must find a solution to this problem and turn your computer into an energy efficient and a power…

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Good design has strong ties to emotion: this is something designers do know and understand. Unfortunately, in a world driven by SEO and the never-ending evolution of web tech, it’s a very easy thing to forget.Our emotional response to design, from its visual aesthetics to the experience it creates, is part physiology, part math and part mystery. That’s also true for our approach to design, and again: it informs more than the aesthetic aspects. Emotion is also present in the best of its structure and strategy. latest front page

I’ve arrived back home a few hours ago after a great week in DevWeek 2014. This year DevWeek location was Central Hall in Westminster, London. What a great location for a conference! – the heart of London near a lot of London attractions such as Big Ben for example. The venue itself was spectacular with big to small session rooms and interesting architecture (real architecture not software architecture ). latest front page