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Build a Cordova hook to setup enviroment specific constants

No longer do you need to replace the local ip address in your Cordova application for local builds. No longer do you need to change constant values when doing a "qa" or "production" build. You can create specific config files for each environment and have a script place a config file in the appropriate location. You can even have it replace localhost with your ip address automatically for local builds! latest front page

Daily Activities of Oracle Database Administrator

Check the Database Availability Check the Listener Availability Monitoring space Availability Viewing the Alert log file to analyze the ORA errors if any. Check tablespaces should not be used more that 95%. Viewing the temporary files, through the DBA_TEMP_FILES. Daily resolving the tickets by using Remedy ticketing tool. Taking backups by using RMAN on daily and weekly basis. Check all last night backups were successful. Health check of the Database. Rebuilding of Indexes, if bulk load of data is inserted. latest front page