Make sure you didn’t miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (July 18 to July 25). Here they are, in order of popularity: latest front page

At any company that leverages technology there is invariably a disconnect between the development and operations teams (hence the rise of DevOps). Both are driven by the success of the business and have a role to play; but each team views its role, its success criteria and its goals differently based on the unique challenges each must face, particularly in a world increasingly defined in software. I’d like to present this topic as “here is what every developer wished that operations knew so that we can work better together”. Or stated another way, as a developer, here is the list of things that I need from operations so we each can do our jobs more efficiently to grow the business that may end up putting our kids through college – or hopefully more. latest front page

Given the huge amount of buzz around Microservices right now, as well as the huge amount of content being generated, I thought I’d begin curating a “Microservices Reading List.” With that said, the main reason for the creation of this page is the continual question: “Great talk/article/etc. Where can I learn more?” Below you’ll find articles, blogs, videos, slide decks, etc. I’m going to try to categorize them a bit as well. This is by no means a complete catalog. Continue to check back for updates! latest front page

In the previous post we looked at how to install and use SignalR in Sitefinity with a really simple popup notification sample. This time we’ll look at how we can leverage SignalR to create a real-time count of readers visiting a blog post. Be sure you’ve reviewed the previous post as we’ll be extending the existing Notify Hub and JavaScript for this example. latest front page