After the long break we are happy to announce progress on Phalanger and the new version 4.0. There are some major changes in functionality and planned changes in Phalanger API. latest front page

With the help of CSS3 as well as HTML5 the modern world of internet is highly developed by web design. CSS3 or we can say Cascading Style Sheet is a language which is basically a style sheet language of computer used in achieving the basic targets of expressing the presentation and arrangement of electronic document made up of embedded coding. latest front page

n this tutorial we are going to see how to ZIP a file in Java. ZIP is an archive file format that enables data compression and it is mostly used on files and folders. A ZIP file may contain one or more compressed files or folders. Many compression algorithms have been used by several ZIP implementations, which are ubiquitous in many platforms. It is also possible to store a file in a ZIP archive file without compressing it. latest front page

Since the launch in 2003 WordPress has been downloaded 60 million times due to it flexible and easy to set up Web publishing platform. To make better the site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), handle comments and spam, enhance articles and much more the Plug-in system got a huge boost due to the content management system. Briefing it we have a number of ways WordPress installations can be expanded. latest front page