How To Dig Your Organization Out of a Mobile Application Backlog

How to evaluate rapid application delivery (RAD) platforms to improve your mobile application capabilities. latest front page

Accessing MySQL from JavaScript using HTTP and JSON – Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 47

Recently a plugin for MySQL allows JavaScript code to easily access MySQL servers and execute queries using HTTP as transport and JSON and data exchange format. That is one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 47 of the Lately in JavaScript podcast. They also talked about other topics like the end of development of YUI, several types of interesting new JavaScript libraries, using a single object parameter as object constructor, etc.. Now listen to the podcast, watch the hangout video, or read the podcast transcript to learn more about these interesting JavaScript topics. latest front page

New Video: Getting Started with the Open Source Node.js LoopBack API Gateway

In this video, StrongLoop CTO AL Tsang walks you through the architecture and a basic demo of how the open source LoopBack API Gateway works. What’s LoopBack? It’s an open source Node.js framework for developing, managing and scaling APIs that require connectivity to datasources like Oracle, SQL Server and MongoDB. For additional details, check out the announcement and architecture blog. latest front page