How-to Develop Node.js Apps with LoopBack, AngularJS and MongoDB

Check out this three part blog series from Paul Van Bladel that walks you through how to develop a Node.js app from back to front using the Loopback API framework, AngularJS and MongoDB. latest front page

Reactor 2.0.0M1 introduces Reactive Streams integration

The Reactor team is frankly a little giddy at finally being able to announce an initial milestone release of Reactor 2.0! This update includes a fully-compliant Reactive Streams implementation in the completely re-written Stream and Promise APIs! This is a huge step for Reactor users. It opens up integration with other Reactive Streams implementations like Akka Streams, Ratpack, RxJava and others. Reactor provides a solid foundation upon which to build modern #uberfastdata applications with demanding high-throughput and low-latency requirements. latest front page