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10 websites to download free Vector Icons

You could be a graphic or a web designer, but vector designs are the best way to get some quality done without losing the resolution of your artwork. So if you are on a limited budget or are struggling to … latest front page

Showcase Of Tab Bars In Mobile UI Design

Unlike its counterparts, the tab bar design allows for simple navigation with well-defined, easily identifiable tabs. As the core of a UI design is its functionality, the many favorable facets of the tab bar design are undoubtedly what make it most prominently used in UI design. Tab bars’ navigation schemes are most efficient as they allow app developers to produce compound views with sub-views encompassed within each view. This permits users to easily complete tasks without irrelevant and cluttered information appearing on their screens. In selecting each tab, users are able to maneuver effortlessly between common views on their apps, such as their profile, settings, and activity feed. latest front page

Problem Solving jQuery Plugins That Also Make A Site Look Good

I am sure that at some point in the design process you have started to feel that your website could use a little something extra. A bit of extra functionality, or a way to enhance an existing feature, in order to make it easier for the user to find the information they seek and present it to them in a neat package. If you have a problem or a limitation, chances are high that a JavaScript library or a jQuery plugin has already been created to solve it. It is always valuable to keep such libraries in your bookmarks or local folders. latest front page