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It was 10 years ago this week that a proto-Firefox crawled out of the Mozilla code swamp and first appeared on the web. It’s hard to imagine what the web would look like today without Firefox, but we suspect it would be a much lesser place. so happy birthday, Firefox, and thanks for all the open source fish.

Happy Birthday, Firefox: The Little Web Browser That Could Turns 10

Usability is more than just creating a site that works, it needs to work well. and there are several aspects of web design usability that you should focus on to make sure that your site is and remains usable. This article takes you through the most important usability issues and provides resources for learning more about ones you are concerned about.

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Usability Issues You Should Keep in Mind

HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness – Site submitted for the HTML5 Design Gallery

This is a site that is both useful and beautiful. I love how it works, with the fan lighting up with details as you mouse over it. and I love how the HTML looks – possibly the cleanest HTML I’ve ever seen.

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Let?s get Inspired ? HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness originally appeared on About.com Web Design / HTML on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 at 08:00:02.

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Let?s Get Inspired ? HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

This range slider control is based around jQuery and provides a simple and intuitive way for visitors to select a range of values within the minimum and maximum range you specify. The control can be tied to minimum and maximum fields that will be updated automatically when the relevant ends of the sliders range are changed, making it easy to tie in with existing forms, and easy to control automated events fired when these fields are changed….

jQuery range select slider

AutoFind is a small social network of Auto Classified site.You know that every thing is now social on Internet.so by using AutoFind script you can make a Auto Classified site that make a social network between buyers and sellers.its easy to connect each other and do the business. Main thing is we believe that every buyer one day became a seller.Why? yes one day he wants to sell the car that he bought from the site.its a circle between sell and buy.AutoFind makes it much easier to do that. other thing is buying a Used or brand new car is cannot done in one day just like buying a toy.Most of the…


Sometimes inspiration is found in something as simple as a button. This download me button changes when you mouse over it, as you can see from the animated GIF, but you should check out the final site to really get the full effect.

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Let’s get Inspired — Download me Button originally appeared on About.com Web Design / HTML on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 08:00:43.

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Let’s Get Inspired — Download Me Button

The circle in this post isn’t really a circle, it’s a square. and the pixels that make up the circle aren’t circular either, they are also square. in fact, every image that is displayed on the web is a bunch of square dots. So how do you make a square look like a circle? On the web this is done with anti-aliasing where the dots along the edge are gradually changed from the foreground color and the background color. Our eyes interpret this blurring as a smooth curve, and as monitors get better and better, the curve looks smoother and smoother. This article explains how to create smooth curves with transparent images for your web pages.

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The Squareness of Web Graphics