HD Database Viewer

June 9, 2015

database-viewerWith each list you order, we include a free copy of our HD Database Viewer. This great tool automatically creates an MS Access database when you import the CSV file into it. You can then easily browse, edit, search or print the records.

Need a map? Google Map View is just a click away. Once there, you can easily get directions and even print out the map and directions. You can also access Google Street View if available. GPS coordinates are a click away so you can punch them into your satellite nav.

HD Database Viewer is a Windows program. It will not run directly on a Mac, but should run fine using WineBottler:



mainscreenOnce you download the viewer along with your business list, copy them both to the same folder and run the viewer. No installation is needed, making it completely portable. It will easily run on a thumb or flash drive as well as a laptop or desktop computer. Run the viewer and import your CSV list.



If you are having any problems with the viewer, please fill out a trouble ticket at our helpdesk.

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