From A to W – The US Government Goes Git

The White House marked the one-year anniversary of its digital government strategy Thursday with a slate of new releases, including a catalog of government APIs, a toolkit for developing government mobile apps and a new framework for ensuring the security of government mobile devices. latest front page

The Disappointing Surprise From Apple

I used to be what you’d call an Apple fan girl. Back in college, I’d skip class just to watch the live feed of our Dear Jobs announce the newest and coolest.
Of course, as I’ve gotten older (and wiser with money) I’ve started moving away towards the trend of buying the newest Apple stuff. I still have a first gen iPad, and while I do have an iPhone4, it’s only because I had to get a new phone in the UK. I do have an Air, but won’t be upgrading to retina any time soon. latest front page

Windows Internet Explorer 9 – Always Start in Full Screen / Kiosk Mode from Windows 7 Taskbar

Need full screen web browsing via Internet Explorer 9, free of distractions? Force the Windows 7 Taskbar button to open Internet Explorer in full-screen / kiosk mode.

If you want more screen real estate dedicated to browsing web pages via Windows Internet Explorer 9, pressing F11 toggles a full-screen view that even hides your Windows taskbar.

However, what if you use this feature often and want Internet Explorer to always open in full-screen mode, let’s say from the Windows 7 Taskbar? And what if you don’t feel comfortable modifying the Windows 7 Registry?…

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Internet Explorer 9 Help and Tips – MalekTips.Com

Build a Scalable Multi-node Red Hat OpenShift PaaS from Scratch

We will be setting up a 2 node PaaS. These instructions can be easily generalized to set up 3, 4, or 20 node clusters. The first node will be running the Broker, Bind DNS, Qpid messaging queue, and MCollective. This node will also be hosting gears. The second node will be simpler and will only run MCollective and will host gears. latest front page

Deploy from Eclipse to OpenShift in a breeze

OpenShift is the PaaS offering from Red Hat. It gives you your personal application platform on demand. With OpenShift, there’s no need to look for hosting and application stack. OpenShift provides you those within minutes, whenever you need them.
JBoss Tools for OpenShift offers a feature complete environment to work with OpenShift. From developing to deploying, JBoss Tools provides you a fully fledged environment for your project and aligns with the standard workflows within Eclipse. latest front page