Nirsoft Video Cache View: Download, Play or Save videos from Cache

Streamed and watched a YouTube Video and now you want it right in your PC hard disk? Then in this case Nirsoft Video Cache View is the perfect tool for you. I’ve been using this tool from a long time…

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Play with Media Player Task in Windows Phone

In this article we are going to see how to play around with the Media Player Launcher task, with this Media Player task we can provide with in the application to launch a media player and play a video or audio file. We can provide a list of media files that can be played one by one, along with we have option to make use of the Media play back controls like rewind and stop to skip or rerun the media file. Media file location can be as a resource file or we can also use an Isolated storage to store and retrieve the file while rendering the player to play the respective file. Let us see the steps on how to use this task in a Windows Phone application development. latest front page