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Configuration changes are regularly needed to tweak the environment so that it runs efficiently and communicates properly with other systems. This requires some mix of command-line invocations, jumping between GUI screens, and editing text files. The result is a unique snowflake – good for a ski resort, bad for a data center.

Martin Fowler: Snowflake Servers

WAMP stands for “Windows Apache MySQL, and PHP” and is an easy way to install a web server on your local Windows machine. MAMP is the Macintosh version of this, and LAMP is the Linux version. These packages make it very easy to set up a local server on your hard drive and do testing in an Apache server environment without putting the site live for customers. in fact, at any given time I may have up to three servers running on my local network in LAMP, MAMP, and WAMP configurations. do you use a WAMP or MAMP server for testing?

Poll: Do you use a WAMP or MAMP server for testing?