YouTube Redesigns the Public Service Announcement With the DoGooder Awards

While Google is content with not being evil, its subsidiary YouTube is focused on actively doing good. Since 2009 YouTube has hosted a competition called the “DoGooder Awards” ? Oscars for well-made public service announcements ? and the winners for the 2013 competition were announced this month.
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How to Monitor and Analyze Performance of the Windows Azure Storage Service about:performance

Distributing stored data across different geographical regions is not uncommon. Due to regional laws you might even be forced to store your application data in a certain geographical region. Windows Azure PaaS therefore offers storage services, i.e. BLOB, Table or Queue distributed across their data centers. Distributing data however raises the question if you also need to distribute your application that accesses this data in order to not run into any performance problems. One of our partners contemplated about that idea. In order to get some answers we ran a test to analyze the performance impact of different data distribution scenarios. Let me share our results in this blog. latest front page

Windows Internet Explorer 9 – Change the Search Provider From Bing to Another Service

Configure Internet Explorer 9 to use a different search service other than Bing.

When you type in a search query instead of an URL into Windows Internet Explorer 9‘s address bar, by default it accesses the Bing search engine to return your results. If you would rather use Google or another search engine / service, do the following:

1. Click on the gear icon at the top-right of Internet Explorer 9, selecting “Manage add-ons”….

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