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Find out how you can changefonts, use bold and italics as well as modify the colour of your text on your website usingthe free BlueGriffon web editor.

How to Change the Fonts and Text Colour on Your Website using BlueGriffon

A website’s navigation menu is the set of buttons on every page that links to important pages on the site. Learnhow to customizethis menu with the Dreamweaver web editor to add, delete, and modify the buttons as well as to change their colour(“color”). This is chapter 6 of the Dreamweaver CS 5.5 tutorial.

How to Customize the Navigation Menu on Your Website with Dreamweaver CS5.5

There are lots of ways to learn how to use a web editor. For instance, I have lots of free Dreamweaver tutorials and tutorials for other editors as well. But online tutorials are only one way you can learn how to use an HTML editor. I mostly teach myself by using the tools, but sometimes I read online tutorials to figure specific things out. how did you learn about your editor?

Poll: How did you learn to use your web editor?

Learn how to change the background colour (“color”) of your website, or if you prefer, usea picture as the background with the Dreamweaver CS5.5 web editor. this ischapter 4 ofthe Dreamweaver CS 5.5 Tutorial.

How to Change the Background Colour and Set a Background Image for Your Website in Dreamweaver CS5.5

Are you wondering whether to use a CMS, a blogging program, a web editor or a site builder tocreate your own website?Or perhaps you’re confused about the difference between all these things. if so,this articlemay be just what you’re looking for.

What’s the Difference Between a Content Management System (CMS), a Blog, a Web Editor and an Online Site Builder?

There are only a few days left for me to accept nominations for the various categories. if I don’t receive enough nominations in a category, I will not be able to set up voting for that category. are there really NO Facebook or Twitter accounts you read about Web Design and HTML? and interestingly, the only nominations I’ve received regarding mobile apps aren’t even apps at all, but rather the Guidelines for building apps. Seriously, am I the only person who uses my smartphone to do work on?Please Make Your Nominations!

Nominations will be accepted between January 18, 2012 and February 15, 2012. the voting will begin on February 22nd and the winners will be announced on March 30th.

On the Web Design/HTML site I will be hosting the following categories:

  • Best Web Design
  • Best Windows Web Editor
  • Best Macintosh Web Editor
  • Best Mobile App for Web Designers
  • Best Website or Blog for Web Designers
  • Best Facebook Page for Web Designers to Like
  • Best Twitter Account for Web Designers to Follow
  • Best Hosting Provider

Find out more about the Web Design categories and then nominate the sites, products, and pages that you think represent the best resources for web designers: 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards for Web Design/HTML

Only a Few Days Left for Nominations

As many of you already know, the newest version of the well-known Dreamweaver web editor has been released.Learn how to use this editor to create a website with this tutorial,Dreamweaver CS5.5 Tutorial:How to Design a Website with Dreamweaver CS 5.5.

Dreamweaver CS5.5 Tutorial: How to Design a Website with Dreamweaver CS 5.5