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My partner and I own a dedicated server. We provide hosting for a couple hundred accounts. It seemed like almost every day we needed to access an account's cPanel. Change password, create email accounts etc.  We thought we needed a tool that put all the accounts in one place, accessible with a couple of clicks. So became HD cPanel Desktop Professional. It just makes our cPanel tasks easy and quick.

Supports new x3 cPanel theme. Easily access cPanel x3 functions from your desktop with just a couple of clicks. New tools. New interface. New database system. Add email accounts, change your password, manage MySQL databases, download backups, add subdomains and much more directly in your cPanel account. All with just a couple of clicks.

Try it free unrestricted for 15 days, and see for yourself!

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  Simple 1-click access to any part of your cPanel.
  Stores unlimited number of cPanel logins.
  Built-in cPanel documentation.
  1-click access to WHM
  All data files are encrypted for security and privacy.
  Program is password protectable.
  Monitor server load every xx minutes with optional audio alert.
  Display server load on-screen with OSD.
  Built-in web browser.
  Key Connect launches web pages and exe files with just 1 click.
  Store unlimited number of Key Connects.
  Right click any cPanel icon for feature details.
  Domain manager makes it easy to manage your domains.
Tools: Domain Lookup, backup & restore database, server status.
  And many more improvements


  Win2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8
  Internet connection
  Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  Optional sound card
  650mhz processor or higher
  1gb ram or higher
  1024x768 display resolution
$39.95 now only
Electronic Delivery - Unlock code to register trial version sent by email within 24 hours.
Access cPanel from your desktop.


   Access 73 functions using x3 theme.

   Supports x3 cPanel theme.

   Connect to your favorite sites or launch your
    favorite program in one click with
Key Connect.
NOTE: If you have an email address that requires approval for spam control such as Earthlink or AOL, the email containing the registration info may not get through. Please use a direct email address, or pre-approve sales@highdesertsoftware.com and support@highdesertsoftware.com with your mail delivery system in your white list or no-spam list.
What's New v2.91

  Fixed server load monitor not working.
  Minor bug fixes.

Trial period: Try it for free for 15 days.
Trial limitations: None
License purchase to continue use after trial period required. -
8.3 mb
NOTE: There are no refunds once an unlock code has been issued. We recommend downloading the trial to try it first. Trial versions can be unlocked with reg code sent after purchase.
Upgrades: To upgrade your current registered version, download the trial above and install over top of your existing installation. You current data will remain intact.
Trial period: Try it for free for 15 days.
Trial limitations: None
License purchase to continue use after trial period required. -
8.3 mb
x3 cPanel Screen
x3 Theme Features
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HighDesert Software Co. is not affiliated with cPanel. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.
NOTE: Your web host must have cPanel installed in your account.
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