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Organize stuff YOUR way.

My daughter said she wanted to begin keeping an electronic journal. Something easy to use where she could put down her thoughts for the day, and store pictures related to that day. I told her there were lots of journals out there. Google it and find one she liked, and I would buy it. She did, and came back saying they were all too complicated. Full of stuff she didn't need.

So, I set out to code one for her. HD Daily Journal is the result of those efforts. Nothing frilly. It will store an unlimited number of entries, with up to 4 pictures for each day. Easily search, browse or print entries. It does include a few tools, such as 1-click insert of time or date, converting text to upper or lower case or capitalizing each word in a sentence.

And that's it. Simple and useful. Upgrades are free for life.

Enter unlimited daily entries.
Store up to 4 images each day.
Print entries in a nice format.
Quickly go to previous entries.
Search entries
Set editor font, color & style.
Optional password protection.
Auto database backup
Free upgrades for life.


650mhz processor or higher
512mb ram or higher
1024x768+ display resolution
$19.95 now only
Shareware. Use for 15 days without restriction.
3 mb
Electronic Delivery - Unlock code to register trial version sent by email within 24 hours.
Documentation & Screenshots
NOTE: If you have an email address that requires approval for spam control such as Earthlink or AOL, the email containing the registration info may not get through. Please use a direct email address, or pre-approve sales@highdesertsoftware.com and support@highdesertsoftware.com with your mail delivery system in your white list or no-spam list.
Shareware. Use for 15 days without restriction.
3.7 mb
Try it free with no restrictions and see for yourself.

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