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Engine Of War

Engine of War is a cool game with zombies and electric circuits!

Engine of War is a mix of action and simulation. Fight zombies and design electric circuits in this brand new action/simulation game. Blow up wave after wave of monsters with custom duel wielded weapons! Customize your weapons, shields and sensors, right down to the wiring! Easy to learn, complex to master, combine parts to make teleporters that detect nearby enemies, homing missiles that follow the mouse, and shields that adapt to the enemy's weapons! Engine of War Features: - 45 levels, 5 bosses, over 25 monsters, and 63 custom circuit parts! - Many hours of playing time! - 5 awesome bosses, each with their own tactics! - Many different monsters including zombies, tanks, bombs, drones, and more! - Advanced circuit system, allowing custom war machines! - Lots of cool weapons including the Flamethrower, the E-beam and the Laser node! - A puzzle mode, and a sandbox mode! - 4 difficulty modes, from 'Easy' to 'Insane'! - 6 Puzzle ranks, including 'Genius'! - Circuit affecting abilities, such as EMP weapons that drain power generators! - Lots of cool shields including the focused shield, the duel shield and the achilles shield! - Earn money to upgrade and buy parts! - Creative and constructive fun for people of all ages!

Price: $19.99 USD Category: Action Screenshot: Added: Aug 20th 2008 Publisher: Akith Games Homepage: http://www.akithgames.com