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As Google Product Search becomes more and more popular, it becomes increasingly beneficial to submit your products to Google so folks can see what you are selling. And the best part is: this Google service is free!

Of course, you'll need a great tool to help you get it done.
Enter Google Feed Generator Lite. It's never been easier to submit your products to Google! No more spreadsheets. You don't need to own or learn Excel or an FTP program to quickly submit your items.

Formally Froogle Feed Generator Lite. This edition is for single store Google Merchant accounts. 

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  Database driven. Will hold unlimited products.
  Easy to use. Just fill in the boxes and click Generate.
  Built-in FTP sends the file to Google's server (Internet connection required).
  Access Google Merchant Center from within the software.
  Select feed file from dropdown list when generating or add new.
  FTP product image to your server.
  AutoFill makes entering repetitive data easy.
  Import Manager makes it easy to import .csv files.
  Search products by title, description, brand, EAN, MPN or UPC.
  Searchable Notebook to store your notes.
  Optional backup database on program exit
  Export/Import product database to CSV format.
  GoogleHelp built-in.
  Submits to a single store Google Base account only.
  Multi-store Pro Version available here.
  Free upgrades for life.


  Internet connection
  650mhz processor or higher
  1 gb ram or higher
  1024x768+ display resolution
$39.95 now only
Electronic Delivery - Unlock code to register trial version sent by email within 24 hours.

   Add unlimited products.

NO MORE SPREADSHEETS. The easy to use interface eliminates the frustration of formatting spreadsheets to create the Googlebase feed file.

   FTP directly to Google from within the program, or upload through Google Merchant Center.

   Takes only minutes what used to take hours.
NOTE: If you have an email address that requires approval for spam control such as Earthlink or AOL, the email containing the registration info may not get through. Please use a direct email address, or pre-approve sales@highdesertsoftware.com and support@highdesertsoftware.com with your mail delivery system in your white list or no-spam list.
What's New v4.31

NEW - Added Identifier Exists attribute.
NEW - Changed registration schema. Registered users send us your order name and email address through our Support Center for a free unlock code.

FIXED - Minor bug fixes.
No restrictions on use for 30 days. You must purchase the software to continue use after that. - 12.9 mb
NOTE: There are no refunds once an unlock code has been issued. We recommend downloading the trial to try it first. Trial versions can be unlocked with reg code sent after purchase.
Upgrades: To upgrade, install the trial version over top of your existing installation. Your data will remain intact. Upgrades are free for life.
Try it free for 30 days and see if it doesn't save you time and money.
32/64 bit
Try it risk-free
for 30 days.
No restrictions.
NOTE:  Google now has a new feature to test your feeds before they go live. To create a test feed, go to Google Merchant Center and click on your store's datafeeds link on the left. Then click on the "New Test Data Feed" button at the bottom of the screen. Name your feed something like "testfeed.txt". Any name will do. Create a filename in the program for it. Generate the feed and submit it to Google. Google will send you a status email as normal, telling you the number of items inserted and if there are any errors.

You can then fix these errors before you submit your real feed.
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