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Contact Government With A Click!

Find out who your representatives are, and contact them with just a couple of clicks. HD GOVMailer contains the database of every member of Congress, making it easy to contact any of them or state Governors whenever you want.

Makes The Complaining Process Easy

It's never been easier to contact your Congress. You have a right to speak out, stand up and be counted. Writing to your representative is the best way to make your voice heard.

OK. I'm ready to send a letter, but would rather go online and send a contact form. But I don't know who my representatives are. HD GOVMailer will tell you in just a couple of clicks.

If you would like to contact them by postal mail, HD GOVMailer makes that easy too. Just use the Letter Composer. Create unlimited letters to any representative. Then just print it and send it off.

Also contact any state Governor with just a click.
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Contains complete contact database of the current Congress.
Easily find out who your representatives are.
Contact representative online using the built-in browser.
Easily compose and print unlimited letters to representatives.
Formatting tools in Letter Composer.
Links to related Government sites.
Visit representative's web site.
Contact state Governors with one click.
Send email directly to First Lady or Vice President.
Update Congressional database from within program.
Built-in emailer. Send email to anyone.
Built-in web browser.
Copy data to clipboard with one click.
Government Reference links including Kids.gov, Military Personnel & citizen Locaters, toll-free Fed numbers, and more.


Internet connection
650mhz processor or higher
512mb ram or higher
1024x768+ display resolution
Upgrades: To upgrade your current version, download and install over top of your existing installation. Your current data will remain intact.
GovMailer is provided free of charge with no limitations, adware, spyware or malware. If you find GovMailer useful, please support further development by making a donation. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.
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