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Organize stuff YOUR way.
MediBase Pro was designed to help anyone keep track of their medical information by storing all important data in one place. Upgrades are free for life.

Your medical information is important. Most people have bits of this information scattered here and there.
MediBase Pro makes it easy to compile all this data into one place, available whenever you need it. It will print a complete report you can take to the doctor. It will also print custom organ donor cards you can carry with you.

  Optional sound card
  650mhz processor or higher
  500mb ram or higher
  1024x768 display resolution
Upgrades: To upgrade your current version, download above and install over top of your existing installation. You current data will remain intact.
Shareware. Printing disabled in Trial version - 7 mb
Regularly $34.95
Now $10

  Stores Personal, Physician and Pharmacy info, Medical History and organ Donor wishes.

  Create profiles for an unlimited number of patients. Add, Edit, Delete patients using the Patient Manager.

  Store as many medications as you want with name, dosage and expiration date.

  Set up to four reminders to alert you when to take your medication. Optionally, each will send you an email reminder.

  Monitors the expiration dates on medication, and pops up a warning if any are expired.

  Print out a complete report with all your medical information.

  Print custom organ donor cards to carry with you.

  Free upgrades for life. Only buy it once. No other fees.
NOTE: There are no refunds once an unlock code has been issued. We recommend downloading the trial to try it first. Trial versions can be unlocked with reg code sent after purchase.
32/64 bit
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