NeoBook Object Commander v5.0
Developed specifically for NeoBook developers, and coded entirely with NeoBook, NeoBook Object Commander stores unlimited NeoBook objects with object properties and actions to use again in other projects. It's intuitive interface makes it easy to save and insert any NeoBook object, saving development time, and money. It will also minimize to the system tray, out of your way. Also store and paste code snippets directly into NeoBook. Save time and money with this handy tool. Upgrades are free for life.

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   Copy, store and paste any Neobook object.
   Store and paste unlimited code snippets.
   Keep notes for stored objects and snippets.
   Automatically backs up databases.
   Save hours of development time.


  Easily store an unlimited number of NeoBook objects. Paste directly into NeoBook.
  Add, edit or delete objects.
  Add, edit or delete unlimited number of code snippets. Paste directly into NeoBook.
  Automatically detects object type.
  Retains object properties and actions.
  Option to edit code before pasting. Perfect for making changes on the fly.
  One click puts the object into NeoBook.
  Automatically backs up the databases on exit
  Keep notes for each object and snippet.
  Simple, intuitive, graphical interface.
  Minimizes to system tray when needed.
  Free upgrades for life.


  Win XP/Vista/Win7/8/10
  Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  Optional sound card
  Optional printer
  650mhz processor or higher
  1gb ram or higher
  800x600 display resolution

To upgrade your current version, download v5.0 and install over top of your existing installation. You current data will remain intact.
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Version History

  Free to use with no restrictions. 4.5 mb
  What's New v5.0

   Now free for all to use.
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